If anyone would like to come visit in Seattle for a week, you are more than welcome to stay at my place.I should have a couple of spare rooms come summer time.


Iíve spent some good times with the Hash House Harriers here in Seattle too.This is another group that I am involved with, that I can go almost anywhere in the world and meet up with Hashers in that city.Often times I will know someone from that city, that I had met traveling.We had an Inter-Americaís Hash in Toronto this year with a 1000 plus people from mostly North America.Iíve made it back to Savannah once this year for the GA/FL Hash House Harrier

event.Was a great time to get back and see everyone again.










This year also included my annual ride to Sturgis on my bike. This time my ride was only about 2-1/2 days getting there thru WA, Idaho Panhandle and Montana before getting to South Dakota.I met up with Mike Walker in Sturgis, a friend from Wichita when I worked there.We rode to Sturgis, the first year I went in í99.I had my 20th year High School reunion this year too!!Shit, I really am starting to reach middle age!How did that happen?


I traveled a little bit inside the US this summer too.Went to DC a couple of times, once for a fraternity board meeting and once for a hashing event.Kansas City for a fraternity conference and back to Fairbanks for the chartering of the fraternity group that I mentioned about in Feb.


Work is keeping me busy.While I work mechanical design, I go to work when I want, and for the most part picking my own hours.When I start working the operations side of the airplane, I will be on specific

hours, as it has been at all of the other companies.That is

always nice to have that flexibility.


Hereís to keeping in better touch

& a Happy New Year to you for í06,



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