Text Box: Merry Christmas í05.
It has been a couple of years since I sent out Christmas Cards.  2 years ago this time, I finally made it to my last continent, Antarctica.  I found a Russian icebreaking ship that was converted to take 100 passengers on a 10 day trip from Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula for 6 days.  What an incredible trip.   

Iíve continued to run the Tybee Marathon in Savannah the last couple of years, that makes a total of 4 marathons for me now.  I tried another Iron Man the year after my first attempt, which I told you about in the last Christmas í03 letter.  Still did not complete it!!  Iíve got to learn how to swim.
					 In Feb of 2004, I got my pick of the litter of 11 golden retrievers that were 6 weeks old at a breeder near
					 Dublin GA.  Iíve had a lot of fun with Buddy.  He loves to go running with me.  We had a route on the   
					Islands that we regularly ran from home on Sundays in Savannah that was about 6 miles.

					Up to the current year: New Years of í05 started at the end of the Alpha Phi Omega National Convention in 
					Denver.  Always a great time, like a reunion, getting to see all of my fraternity friends every two years.  I 
					am continuing my involvement with the Fraternity as the National Extension Sub-Committee Chair for the
					 country, helping to start chapters.

I started the year out working at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah GA on the GIV-X.  I am still a 
Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer, mostly involved in mechanical designs to test the aircraft with sensors.
 However, I did go on quite a few remote trips on the Electrical/Operations side of testing.  One of those 
interesting trips this year was to Fairbanks AK in February.  -40 degrees F with 30 mph winds for cold 
weather testing.

Just happened that there was an effort to start a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega on the Fairbanks campus.  
So, that night I met with the student president of the group.  It is always interesting to go to a town almost 
anywhere in the country and be able to meet up with people that are involved in APO.

Come spring time in Savannah, Iíve now got 3-1/2 years at Gulfstream.  They have a 4 year limit for contractors before they let them go.  I had wanted to go work on the A380 in Toulouse, but I was not able to make the right contacts.  I knew that Boeing was just starting on design of their new 787.  I contacted a previous supervisor of mine from Boeing to see if they were hiring contractors in Flight Test, in which he said they were.
So, the end of April, I resigned from Gulfstream and started preparing for my trip back across the country to Boeing in Seattle.  Dad came out for a week and