Alpha Phi Omega

Extension Process Questionnaire

In an effort to support and improve the Extension Program of Alpha Phi Omega;
we are sending this questionnaire to those people involved with the charter and
re-charter of Alpha Phi Omega chapters.   This is a follow up to the extension program
and materials that APO provides petitioning groups on their road to becoming a chapter
of Alpha Phi Omega. 

The results of this survey will focus the Extension Committee’s efforts on areas of our
program that you believe are most in need of improvement. 

Please indicate your role in the charter process: 

1. Please rate the following tasks in the groups ability to accomplish.

Getting people to attend meetings   

Getting people to attend projects    

Organizing Service Projects           

Organizing Fellowship Events        

Getting approval from the Administration to start a chapter on campus   

Locating Advisors    

Providing Advisor tasks           

Setting Meeting Dates        

Running a Meeting   

Creating Committees    

Recruiting members           

Recruiting a group that represents the: campus population (age, ethnicity, housing location, curriculum, gender, etc.)        

Developing promotional material   

Planning a rush    

Working with your Big Brother Chapter           

Developing and running a pledge class        

Attending Section/Region/National Conferences and events   

Finding your alumni (for re-chartering efforts) and local alumni    

Developing Bylaws           

Abiding by the National Pledge Standards & Membership Policies       

Conducting a Chapter Program Planning Conference   

Learning the Fraternity Traditions    

Helping officers become knowledgeable about what they need to do in their jobs           

Making successful transitions of officer and committee positions  

Delegating by the president and officers   

Defining a Grievance process

Fund Raising           

Applying for "BANC" Building a New Chapter Grant money        

Developing a treasury and fees structure   

Accomplishing Interest Group & Petitioning Group ceremonies  

Understanding the chartering process     

Using the Chapter Organizational Notebook (CON, Extension guide prior to 2003)        

Using the Guidebook (Extension guide, year 2003 to date)  

Using the Guide to Building a New Chapter   

Completing the Interest Group application form           

Completing the Petitioning Group application form        

Completing the Charter application form   

Developing & maintaining positive & productive relationships with your advisors   

Developing & maintaining positive & productive relationships with your sponsor   

Communicating with each other about Extension group events 

Communicating with your Sectional Chair and Regional Director        

Communicating with other chapters in your section   

Communicating with and receiving information from the National Office   

Joining APO-L Listserve   

Completing project evaluations in a timely manner 


2. Would you be in favor of an On-Line project reporting?


3. What was your biggest obstacle in the entire chartering process?

4. What would you change to improve the Interest Group status process?

5. What would you change to improve the Petitioning Group status process?

6. What would you change to improve the Chartering Group status process?

7. What materials do you wish you had, that we did not have available?

8. What would you like the Extension Program to focus on for improvement?

9. Additional Comments and Suggestions?

Author: Tony Ploughe,
Copyright © 2005 [Alpha Phi Omega]. All rights reserved.
To contact us immediately: or phone 816-373-8667, ask for Judy Mitchell.